New Year!

I know its been a while since new years eve. But, whooa, its been a long time not writing on my (own) blog too! The last post I wrote was on August of 2012 when I checked. Yeah, I’d been busy with my school tasks and some school organizations duty. On another side, I was having some side project for my friend and learning WordPress plugin development, and still working on it.

Oh, almost forgot, its new year right? Welcome to 2013! Hope it would be a good year for me, and good to for ya’ll. 🙂

Last Saturday was a really nice day. When i checked my email in the morning, I saw a mail from Caroline Moore (sixhours), and unbelievably, Minimalizine was live at I’d have been got an email from her few weeks ago, she told me that Minimalizine would be remarked to be live at directory. I was so glad and happy to know that 🙂

You can read the announcement of it from’s blog and/or start a new blog there with Minimalizine.

By now, i’m working for updating Minimalizine on directory and hope it’ll available soon. One more theme will cooming after. 🙂